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Thank You from the Rabbi...

Thank you for attending our first virtual services for the High Holidays at the First Interfaith Synagogue of New York! It was quite an experiment for all of us, and I do apologize for any technical difficulties that you may have encountered.

I would like to thank Rev. Ella Gregory for her inspired readings of the Torah and selections from Rabbi Dr. Joseph H. Gelberman’s Spiritual Truths.

But none of this could have been accomplished without the love and support of Debbi Burdett: our cantor, IT director, advisor, and so much more, that it would be impossible to list all her contributions. I have indeed been fortunate to have her in my life for the past thirty four years.

I hope that you will be part of our future. We are planning many new and exciting innovations in our worship services that will embrace peoples of all faiths, in addition to our beloved Jewish traditions.

We will continue virtual services till the end of the pandemic and then…live services in a new space! Please consult my website for any information.

In the meantime, my very best wishes for

a Happy and Healthy New Year!

L’shanna tova!

Rabbi David Schaefer

Senior Rabbi

First Interfaith Synagogue of New York

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