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Sadly, Rabbi David Schaefer unexpectedly passed away on August 7, 2023. 
His belief in INTERFAITH was warm and caring, and he loved working
with couples and families to support them in their life and love. 
If you are still in need of an Interfaith Rabbi , please click
the 'Get In Touch' button above for a referral to other rabbis in David's circle. 
His faith and support will forever be cherished and missed by all who knew him.  


This site will remain as a testament to his work and his memory.




I am an Interfaith Rabbi for the unaffiliated,

who celebrates other faiths with respect and affection.

Let me be your Family Rabbi!

I became an Interfaith Rabbi because of the difficulties that couples of different faiths often encounter
in trying to find clergy who will perform an interfaith ceremony, which may incorporate
different religious traditions.


Interfaith Life Cycle Events
Weddings, Funerals, Baby Namings

As an Interfaith Rabbi, I work with families of all faiths as they transition through moments in their lives where they celebrate, mourn, or perhaps need the counsel of a listening ear.

I am available for all life cycle events:

  • Weddings (Jewish, Interfaith, Same Sex)

  • Funerals (at a house of worship, chapel, gravesite)

  • Baby Namings

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

  • Counseling (particularly interfaith)

I am fully licensed by the state of New York.

The event does not have to take place in a house of worship.
I am happy to co-officiate with a member of the clergy
of another faith.

Ideally, I like to meet with the bride and groom and/or
the families at least once. But I am also available
to perform a ceremony at a moment’s notice!

Old hebrew bible book with pointer


After lifelong studies in Hebrew, Torah, and Talmud (Jewish law), I was ordained by the late Rabbi Dr. Joseph Gelberman,
(founder of the Rabbinical Seminary International) and received my official degree of ordination from
the Esoteric Theological Seminary, as an Interfaith Rabbi.

Working at houses of worship of many denominations as a pastoral musician and liturgist
have given me a profound respect and affection for people of all faiths.



"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did to make our day
so special  (and everything
leading up to our wedding, too!)

Thank you for being our rabbi
and performing our
“mildly Jewish ceremony!”


Your sermon was perfect,
and we are so grateful to you.

We look forward to
many future celebrations!"

Tammy & Scott
Married in New Jersey

2018-02-17 18.39.36_preview.jpeg

"The baby naming ceremony
that you did for us was
just perfect, and we feel so blessed
that you were able to celebrate with us.

We love having you as
our "go-to" Rabbi for our family events."


Sal & Ashlea
Baby Naming at Howard Beach, NY


Dave & Caitlin

Thank you so much for helping us tie the knot on Saturday!

We never thought that coordinating a mixed ceremony would be possible; however,
you not only made it possible, but you made it so special.

I can’t even count how many people told me how great you made our service.

We appreciated your good humor and explanations of all the customs throughout the ceremony, as well.


We’d use you again if we could get married more than once!

Prospect Park.jpg

Lourdes & Paul
St Monica's, NYC

We can not thank you enough for making our wedding so special.



Mindy (Ashley’s mom)

Salvatore & Ashley
Married in Brooklyn, NY

Thank you so much for
making it such a special day.

Never was such a beautiful Jewish/Catholic ceremony done in a basilica!




Megan & Ryan

Where do we even begin?

Thank you ever so much
for your love, guidance
and teaching!

It meant the world to us.


Abraham & Anna Maria
Married in NYC

Thank you for a wonderful ceremony that we will
always remember.

It was especially wonderful
for our family that you were
able to do the Jewish prayers
in Spanish.


Atarah & Jake

Married on the HighLine, NYC

It wasn't easy finding an inter-faith Rabbi,
but we were so glad we found Rabbi David.
His cheerful disposition and light touch of humor
made us and the guests feel welcome, despite the majority of guests being unfamiliar with Jewish wedding customs. Rabbi David explained
every step of the process and was an all-round hit.

Thank you once again for everything
you've done for us! We highly recommend him!

2014-08-09 19.20.53.jpg

“We cannot thank you enough
for making our wedding
so special.”

A. & R.
Married on Long Island, NY


“Where do we even begin?
Thank you ever so much for your love, guidance, and teaching.

It meant the world to us!”

Racheal & Dave
Married on Long Island, NY


Mishnah, Pirkei Avot 4:1

(double click pic to see full size)


Rabbi David Schaefer
First Interfaith Synagogue
30 W 90th St, Suite 5A

New York, New York  10024



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